Legal Framework of Federation in the Philippines


Article 24 of RA 9520 (Functions):

A Federation of Coops shall undertake the following functions:

  1. To carry on any coop enterprise authorized under Article 6 that complements and augments, or supplements BUT DOES NOT conflict, compete with, nor supplant the business or economic activities of its members;
  2. To carry on, encourage, & assist educational and advisory work relating to its member cooperatives;
  3. To render services designed to encourage simplicity, efficiency, & economy in the conduct of the business of its member co-ops & to facilitate the implementation of their bookkeeping, accounting and other systems & procedures;”
  4. To print, publish, and circulate any newspaper or other publication in the interest of its member co-ops and enterprises;
  5. To coordinate and facilitate the activities of its member co-ops;
  6. To enter into joint ventures with national or international co-ops of other countries in the manufacture of products and/or services in the Philippines and abroad; and,
  7. To perform such other functions as may be necessary to attain its objectives.

A Federation of Co-ops may be registered by carrying out the formalities for registration of co-op. Registered Co-ops may organize a Federation according to the type of business activity engaged in by the co-ops."

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